There is a wide variety of applications calling for a 100 watt power resistor. By looking through the power resistor products page it is apparent that there are several options when selecting a power resistor that meets this rating. Here we take a look at all the available options:

  1. Power Wire Wound Resistor Assembly. The HA tubular power resistor is a highly reliable and ‘tried and tested’ resistor assembly that has been manufactured for over 40 years. It is robust, moisture resistant, resists chipping and can withstand temperatures over 1000 C.  It is available in an adjustable resistance and has many mounting options.
  2. Aluminium Housed Power Resistor. The GMR-100 series metal clad resistor is an option where limited space is available for mounting the resistor. The aluminium housing ensures a very rugged construction and they offer very high stability. The power rating is dependent on having the appropriate heat sink. This differentiates it from the HA tubular resistor described above.
  3. Custom resistors. Australian Resistors has developed many custom made resistor products for industry over the years to suit the individual needs of a particular application or set of electrical operating parameters.

Correct selection of a power resistor for your application is important to ensure long term reliability of your equipment and circuitry. We can assist you in selecting the correct product and welcome your enquiry.