200 watt rated power resistors  are commonly used in industry in a wide range of applications including:

  • resistor load banks
  • dropping resistors in large power supplies
  • power conversion circuits
  • braking applications
power resistor image

HO Series 200 Watt Rated Power Resistor

Tubular power wire wound resistors are often considered to be the ‘standard’ in high power resistors as they offer a ‘tried and tested’ solution and offer high reliability and low cost. The HO Series power resistor is often used when a 200 watt rated resistor is required. This resistor specification includes:

  • 200 watt rating
  • 267 mm ceramic former length
  • 29 mm ceramic former diameter or 33 mm when coated
  • Mounting feet centres are 292 mm
  • For the standard fixed power resistor the available resistance range is from 0.5 ohms to 340 kohms and for the adjustable version the resistance range is from 5 ohms to 62 kohms.

For some applications there is a requirement for a physically small power resistor and in this instance another option could be the use of an aluminium resistor (also referred to as a metal clad or panel mount resistor).