The ASW 5 precision wire wound resistor is rated at 6.5 watts and has been used throughout the Australian electronics manufacturing sector for 30 plus years. This series of resistor has been used in many applications where tight tolerance, high inrush of current and long term reliability of operation are required.

400 Watt Linear Power Supply Application

A recent use for this resistor has been in a locally designed 400 watt linear power supply. The trend in power supply design over the last 15 years has been more towards switch mode technology as high efficiency power supply operation is possible and minimal heat is generated. However there are still many clients requiring traditional linear power supplies. One such application was a power supply designed and manufactured by a Sydney based manufacturer who supplies high quality, ruggedised power supplies into the railways and mining industries.

820 Ohm Precision Wire Wound Resistor

The client needed an 820 ohm, 1 percent tolerance, 5 watt nominal rated power resistor that was capable of handling significant inductive current inrush when the power supply was activated. The construction of the ASW series power resistor lends itself well to demanding resistor applications as these resistors have:

  1. A welded axial lead construction
  2. A high temperature coating on the body of the resistor
  3. A low temperature coefficient

The client was supplied samples of the resistor and subjected them to rigorous in circuit testing to ensure that they met the stringent electrical and physical requirements called for in the power supply design. The ASW 5 proved to be the ideal resistor and has been used in the power supply design for many years and has displayed an exceptional track record of reliability.