Our resistors products have been used in literally thousands applications for over 30 years. Over the next few months we will discuss some of the end products that the resistors went into. In some instances ‘standard’ products were used, however, in many instances we have offered our clients a highly customised resistor that exactly meets their requirements and specifications:

AW Potentiometer For Oven Temperature Control Application.

One of Australia’s most high profile manufacturers of stoves, ovens and range hoods approached us as they had a new ‘high end’ range in design but needed a high quality AW 3 watt wire wound potentiometerwire wound potentiometer to work in conjunction with their temperature control unit. The requirements for the potentiometer were:

  • high reliability
  • minimum 3 watt rating
  • smooth ‘consumer friendly’ feel to the rotation of the potentiometer
  • ease of wiring / terminations
  • long life

The AW series 3 watt wire wound potentiometer met all requirements however the client needed the torque of the potentiometer to be greater than the standard AW torque. This required a customised solution. We engineered different styles of internal mounting for the potentiometer shaft and supplied engineering samples to the client. After several iterations the client was more than happy with their customised potentiometer which blended seamlessly into their range hood. It has operated with extreme reliability now for many years.