Rheostat – Application Example

Rheostat Definition and Construction
A rheostat is a type of variable resistor, but is generally defined by having a high power rating. These power ratings available in the APR rheostat range are available from 25 watts up to 500 watts. When working with high power rheostats it is important that the quality of the device and its construction are of the highest standard to ensure reliability of operation over many years. Key design features of our rheostat range include:

Toroidally wound resistance element on a solid ceramic former
Coating of the resistance winding to maximise dissipation of heat from the element.
Minimisation of wear […]

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Ceramic Power Resistor – Application Case study

50 Watt Ceramic Power Resistor Case Study
Manufacturers, in an increasingly competitive environment require long term reliability of componentry which can be customised to their application and designed for ease  of assembly and electrical performance. A recent enquiry was from an Australian manufacturer of industrial heating equipment. Their products use high wattage heating elements and large, high air flow fans which circulate heated air. The client had a requirement for a new circuit design that would allow for different fan speeds in the application. A high power resistor with suitable tapping was deemed to be the best solution.
The resistances required were […]

September 27th, 2013|Power Resistor Case Study|

Current Sense Resistor Application

Current Sense Resistor Case Study РMotor Control Application
Case study: Motor Control Feedback

A client manufacturing motorised garage door controllers had a pcb based micro controller circuit which required a determination of:

current flow through the garage door drive motor
overload of the drive motor, in instances where the garage door jammed or failed to move for some reason, indicating a fault. The micro controller then needed to receive this signal and then via a p.c.b. mounted relay, cut off the drive motor, avoiding damage to the motor and possible damage to the drive chain of the door opener.

Being a pcb mount design, the […]

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AW Series Wire Wound Potentiometer – Oven Control Application

Our resistors products have been used in literally thousands applications for over 30 years. Over the next few months we will discuss some of the end products that the resistors went into. In some instances ‘standard’ products were used, however, in many instances we have offered our clients a highly customised resistor that exactly meets their requirements and specifications:
AW Potentiometer For Oven Temperature Control Application.
One of Australia’s most high profile manufacturers of stoves, ovens and range hoods approached us as they had a new ‘high end’ range in design but needed a high quality wire wound potentiometer to work in […]

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