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Electricians Application For Power Wire Wound Resistors

Our range of wire wound resistors have been used in thousands of applications for over 50 years in Australia. An inner west Sydney electrician has used our metal clad resistors in an interesting application recently. The application involved using a 0.01 ohm, 50 watt power resistor in a current sensing application on an industrial sized electric motor driven roller door. The door was driven by a 1.5 kilowatt a.c. electric motor. The application for the power resistor was to detect the current drawn by the motor and detect current overload conditions that could be experienced when the roller door stalled, […]

July 5th, 2016|Applications, metal clad resistors, Power Resistor|

Wirewound Resistors – Basic Resistor Principles

Understanding Critical Parameters In Resistor Selection – Ohms Law
Going back to college fundamental physics is helpful in understanding the most commonly used parameters used in specifying wirewound and power resistors. Good engineering practice will generally mean that a certain degree of ‘over specifying’ will result in long term reliability and performance of the final product – be it a motor control circuit, power supply, resistor bank, heating or cooling appliances or printed circuit board control circuitry.

Resistance – Ohms Law

Ohms law is possibly the most fundamental equation taught in electrical engineering. It is the foundation principle used to determine the relationship […]

Panel Mount Resistors

The addition of aluminium housed resistors to our range of resistors means that our customers have an increased option when it comes to resistor selection for their application.

Terminology: Panel mount resistors are also referred to in the electronics industry as ‘panel mount resistors’ and ‘aluminium housed resistors’.

Applications; This style of wire wound resistor is used where a small physical size is required (relative to the power rating of the resistor) and a rugged construction of the resistor is required.

Mounting And Heat Sinking: The aluminium housed resistors are typically mounted on a suitable heat sink material by way of the mounting […]

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