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Wire Wound Resistors – Local Manufacturing Advantages

Being a local manufacturer of wire wound resistor assemblies has offered local manufacturers many benefits over the last 50 years. Based in Minto, N.S.W. , we can manufacture wire wound resistors up to 1200 watts and custom resistor bank assemblies into the kilowatts. The basic design and technology behind wire wound resistors has not changed greatly over the last 70 years and this is testament to the reliability of their construction. Our tubular power resistors offer local manufacturers many benefits when a high power resistor is required that is of quality construction and available on very short lead time. These benefits […]

Wire Wound Resistor and Power Resistor Manufacturing Update – July 2017

13 July 2017

Current manufacturing lead times on our range of power resistors and wirewound resistors are currently running at 1 to 2 weeks, however for urgent orders please contact us and we can generally expedite delivery if required.

For reasonable quantities we can supply aluminium housed (metal clad) resistors in the following wattages:

5 watts
10 watts
25 watts
50 watts
80 watts
100 watts
250 watts

These resistors feature compact size for their wattage and are mechanically robust and offer high precision. The are available in a non inductive winding as an option.

Resistor Samples

We can provide samples of resistors for engineering evaluation and can typically supply samples with […]

Electricians Application For Power Wire Wound Resistors

Our range of wire wound resistors have been used in thousands of applications for over 50 years in Australia. An inner west Sydney electrician has used our metal clad resistors in an interesting application recently. The application involved using a 0.01 ohm, 50 watt power resistor in a current sensing application on an industrial sized electric motor driven roller door. The door was driven by a 1.5 kilowatt a.c. electric motor. The application for the power resistor was to detect the current drawn by the motor and detect current overload conditions that could be experienced when the roller door stalled, […]

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Power Resistors

23 May 2016. By definition, power resistors are designed to dissipate high power ratings (current times voltage across the resistor) at a nominated electrical resistance. This is often necessary when working with electrical circuits where significant voltage and / or electrical current are present. Ohms Law dictates that the power dissipated in a power resistor can be calculated as:

Power = Current squared x Electrical resistance or

Power – Current x Voltage dropped across the resistor

These are fundamental ways to determine the correct wattage of the power resistor required for a particular electrical application or circuit. The specification for power resistors not only […]

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Update February 2016 – Wire Wound Resistors, Wire Wound Potentiometers and Power Resistor Lead Times

13 February 2016. We get a number of requests for lead time updates on our range of resistive products. Lead times can vary depending on our order backlog, stock of components parts and holiday seasons. We can typically react very quickly to all customer orders. Our suggestion is to contact us with your resistor requirement including type of resistors required, the quantity required and any special requirements including urgent delivery. We look forward to assisting you and look forward to your enquiry.

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Cement Power Resistor

The term cement power resistor refers to a design and construction method of producing wire wound resistors and power resistors. This method of construction has been used for over 70 years and is still widely used today to produce resistors with these characteristics:

high reliability
low cost production
stable temperature performance
compact design
wide range of power ratings possible
resistance tappings possible
ease of mounting and a variety of types of mounting brackets available

Construction Of Cement Filled Resistors

The above image shows a PW50 50 watt wire wound resistor. The resistance winding is encased in a rectangular ‘ceramic boat’. Once the winding is placed into this ‘boat’ it is […]

Custom Power Resistor Manufacturing

Being Australia’s largest manufacturer of wire wound and power resistors, Australian Resistors has the capacity to manufacture custom designed resistor assemblies to meet customer specifications. We generally work with clients, both at an engineering and purchasing level, to determine the resistor specification required for their project. This can take into account parameters including:

Resistor wattage
Resistor power rating
Mounting requirements. This could include vertical mounting or horizontal mounting or indeed a custom mounting requirement to enable ease of mounting the resistor assembly within the clients’ equipment.
Resistor termination. This could include solder terminals, quick connect terminals, ferrule mounting or a wide range of other options. […]

Slider Resistors In Laboratory Calibration

The use of slider resistors or ‘laboratory resistors” have been employed for over 50 years as a means of calibrating electrical and electronic devices. The can be configured in resistance bridge arrangements and provided the correct ratings are available, in high voltage test circuitry.

The single tube slider resistor range is often used in test laboratories where electrical and electronic components are required to be tested to ensure they meet Australian Standards. Examples of these are street lighting systems, traffic lights and transformers. Slider resistors provide for precision adjustment of resistance allowing accurate setup of voltage and current in test circuitry.


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100 Watt Power Resistor

There is a wide variety of applications calling for a 100 watt power resistor. By looking through the power resistor products page it is apparent that there are several options when selecting a power resistor that meets this rating. Here we take a look at all the available options:

Power Wire Wound Resistor Assembly. The HA tubular power resistor is a highly reliable and ‘tried and tested’ resistor assembly that has been manufactured for over 40 years. It is robust, moisture resistant, resists chipping and can withstand temperatures over 1000 C.  It is available in an adjustable resistance and has many mounting […]

Precision Wire Wound Resistors

Wire Wound Resistors Requiring High Power And Precision
Certain applications in electrical or electronic design call for a combination of:

High power rating
Tight tolerance on the resistance winding
Wire wound construction

Obtaining all three of these requirements in a resistor calls for a unique type of resistor construction. The ASW series precision wire wound resistors have been used extensively for applications in industries ranging from power conversion, U.P.S. manufacture, lighting control, motor drive circuits (both a.c. and d.c.) and transportation.

With power ratings available in 1.5 watts, 3 watts, 6.5 watts, 8 watts and 11 watts these power resistors have an available tolerance as low […]