Precision Wire Wound Resistor

Precision Wire Wound Resistors

Wire Wound Resistors Requiring High Power And Precision
Certain applications in electrical or electronic design call for a combination of:

High power rating
Tight tolerance on the resistance winding
Wire wound construction

Obtaining all three of these requirements in a resistor calls for a unique type of resistor construction. The ASW series precision wire wound resistors have been used extensively for applications in industries ranging from power conversion, U.P.S. manufacture, lighting control, motor drive circuits (both a.c. and d.c.) and transportation.

With power ratings available in 1.5 watts, 3 watts, 6.5 watts, 8 watts and 11 watts these power resistors have an available tolerance as low […]

ASW Series Precision Resistor Used In Linear power Supply

The ASW 5 precision wire wound resistor is rated at 6.5 watts and has been used throughout the Australian electronics manufacturing sector for 30 plus years. This series of resistor has been used in many applications where tight tolerance, high inrush of current and long term reliability of operation are required.
400 Watt Linear Power Supply Application
A recent use for this resistor has been in a locally designed 400 watt linear power supply. The trend in power supply design over the last 15 years has been more towards switch mode technology as high efficiency power supply operation is possible and minimal […]

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