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Wire Wound Resistors – Local Manufacturing Advantages

Being a local manufacturer of wire wound resistor assemblies has offered local manufacturers many benefits over the last 50 years. Based in Minto, N.S.W. , we can manufacture wire wound resistors up to 1200 watts and custom resistor bank assemblies into the kilowatts. The basic design and technology behind wire wound resistors has not changed greatly over the last 70 years and this is testament to the reliability of their construction. Our tubular power resistors offer local manufacturers many benefits when a high power resistor is required that is of quality construction and available on very short lead time. These benefits […]

Wire Wound Potentiometer Manufacturing

The usage of wire wound potentiometers has varied hugely since we started manufacturing them well over 60 years ago. As modern electronic design concepts and digital electronics have evolved over the last 20 years the demand for wire wound potentiometers has declined however there is still a good market and demand for these products from a wide variety of nice markets. These markets include:

audio amplifiers, both valve and solid state
industrial control circuits requiring a wattage of 2 to 3 watts power rating
lighting control circuits
motor control circuits
laboratory test jigs
replacement market
heater control circuits
transportation related industries

As Australia’s only manufacturer of wire wound potentiometers we […]

January 5th, 2016|Applications, resistor manufacturer, wire wound potentiometer|

Resistor Manufacturing Update 2015

With only just over 2 months to go of the year we thought it useful to update readers and customers on where resistor manufacturing is going in Australia and the trends we see from the local electronics manufacturing industry and the O.E.M. sector in Australia.
Custom Resistor Assembly Manufacture
We have received a large number of enquiries in 2015 for custom made wire wound resistors and power resistors. The O.E.M. sector in Australia is characterised by lower volume, ‘niche’ type manufacturing of electrical and electronic products. The sectors that remain strong in Australia include:

Industrial Electronics
Audio Engineering
Lighting Control
Gaming Industry
Access Control
Emergency Lighting
Fire Protection

All of […]

October 7th, 2015|Applications, resistor manufacturer|

Custom Power Resistor Manufacturing

Being Australia’s largest manufacturer of wire wound and power resistors, Australian Resistors has the capacity to manufacture custom designed resistor assemblies to meet customer specifications. We generally work with clients, both at an engineering and purchasing level, to determine the resistor specification required for their project. This can take into account parameters including:

Resistor wattage
Resistor power rating
Mounting requirements. This could include vertical mounting or horizontal mounting or indeed a custom mounting requirement to enable ease of mounting the resistor assembly within the clients’ equipment.
Resistor termination. This could include solder terminals, quick connect terminals, ferrule mounting or a wide range of other options. […]

Wire Wound Resistor Quality – Not All Resistors Are Equal

The market and applications for wire wound resistors, both globally and in Australia is very diverse. The majority of our range of wire wound resistors are manufactured for industry. Companies manufacturing electronic and electrical products generally have some, or all of the following requirements when specifying and sourcing appropriate wire wound resistors and power resistors for their products:

Reliability. More often than not the application for a wire wound resistor calls for a significant power handling capability in comparison with the rest of the appliances circuity. As power capacity of a component generally entails heat dissipation it is critical that the […]

November 4th, 2014|resistor manufacturer, resistor quality, Wire Wound Resistors|

Working With A Resistor Manufacturer

Australian Based Resistor Manufacturing Offers Benefits To Local Industry
Having a locally based manufacturer of wire wound resistors and power resistors is hugely beneficial for Australian industry as it allows local designers and manufacturers the following benefits:

Resistor customisation service. Given that the nature of Australian industry is generally ‘niche’ focused, it it often the case that local manufacturers need custom resistor solutions rather than ‘off the shelf’ products. Customisation of resistors can include many areas including resistor values, resistor tolerances, non- standard power ratings, different types of terminations and unique ways of mounting the resistors assembly. Recent examples include custom shaft […]

November 13th, 2013|resistor manufacturer|