Being Australia’s largest manufacturer of wire wound and power resistors, Australian Resistors has the capacity to manufacture¬†custom designed resistor assemblies to meet customer specifications. We generally work with clients, both at an engineering and purchasing level, to determine the resistor specification required for their project. This can take into account parameters including:

  1. Resistor wattage
  2. Resistor power rating
  3. Mounting requirements. This could include vertical mounting or horizontal mounting or indeed a custom mounting requirement to enable ease of mounting the resistor assembly within the clients’ equipment.
  4. Resistor termination. This could include solder terminals, quick connect terminals, ferrule mounting or a wide range of other options. Again, we can offer custom terminations if required.
  5. Non Inductive winding. Some customers have a need for a wire wound power resistor but also require the resistance to be non inductive. We can achieve this with many of the resistors available from our range by winding the resistance winding back on tiself to effectively cancel out the inductance of the wire wound element.
  6. Adjustable resistance option. Some electrical and electronic circuits call for an adjustable power or wire wound resistance. Many of our resistors come with an option for an adjustable resistance band that allows for adjustment to the exact resistance required. A tapping option is also available on some of the power resistors in the range.
custom resistor assembly

A Custom Made Wire Wound Resistor Assembly

Once the client has communicated their required resistor specification to us we will generally produce samples of the resistors for the clients. Lead time for samples is typically a matter of just a few working days. The client can then fully evaluate both the electrical and physical properties of the resistor to ensure it meets their requirements. Occasionally adjustments to the samples are required and a second set of samples if manufactured for client evaluation. Once the client is happy that the samples meet their requirements we can then manufacture production quanitities of their ‘custom’ resistor assembly. Typical lead times for production (depending on quantities required and availability of parts) is typically 1 to 2 weeks after receipt of customer orders.