The Laboratory Resistor – Invaluable In Many Applications

The laboratory resistor (also referred to a a slider resistor) has been used for a convenient way to achieve and easily adjustable power resistance for over 50 years. Whereas a wire wound potentiometer offers a variable power resistor via a rotary form of adjustment, the laboratory resistor offers a way of adjusting the resistance via a linear form of resistance.

laboratory resistor

Many educational institutions such as universities, technical colleges and high schools use laboratory resistors in their electrical and electronics courses as they allow students to easily and accurately set a specific resistance value via the sliding wiper arm of the assembly. Quick connect, plug and socket and a range of other terminations are available to connect circuitry wiring onto the assemble. Test and certification houses also use laboratory resistors as do a range of other industries.

Power ratings For Laboratory Resistors

We can offer laboratory resistors in a range of power ratings and the physical size of the assembly reflects the power rating. Contact us for further information.