The addition of aluminium housed resistors to our range of resistors means that our customers have an increased option when it comes to resistor selection for their application.aluminium housed resistor assembly

Terminology: Panel mount resistors are also referred to in the electronics industry as ‘panel mount resistors’ and ‘aluminium housed resistors’.

Applications; This style of wire wound resistor is used where a small physical size is required (relative to the power rating of the resistor) and a rugged construction of the resistor is required.

Mounting And Heat Sinking: The aluminium housed resistors are typically mounted on a suitable heat sink material by way of the mounting holes on the base of the resistors. Heat sinking is required to achieve the specified power rating and we can assist in advising suitable specifications for the required heat sink. Readily available thermal compound is generally applied onto the surface of the resistor prior to mounting it onto the appropriate heat sink to ensure adequate heat transfer between the resistor assembly and the heat sink.

Data: Data on the GMR series of metal clad resistors can be found here.