Update 23 March 2016 – Wire Wound Potentiometer

Current lead times on wire wound potentiometer production at our Minto manufacturing facility are currently on a 1-2 week lead time depending on quantity, type and quantity required. We can make custom made wire wound potentiometers to your requirements, ranging from dual gang, custom made potentiometer shaft length and any resistance required that falls within the standard range which is 1 ohm to 50,000 ohms. We can supply ‘off tool’ samples for customers to verify the specifications meet their requirements. For volume orders contact us to confirm the lead time for production of your order. Please take into account some of these specifications when ordering for the AW series wire wound potentiometer:

  • 3 watt rating at 25 degrees celsius
  • 500 v.d.c. across end terminal voltage rating
  • standard tolerance +-10% with a special order option of +-5%
  • linear taper
  • dual gang option available

Full specifications available here