Being a local manufacturer of wire wound resistor assemblies has offered local manufacturers many benefits over the last 50 years. Based in Minto, N.S.W. , we can manufacture wire wound resistors up to 1200 watts and custom resistor bank assemblies into the kilowatts. The basic design and technology behind wire wound resistors has not changed greatly over the last 70 years and this is testament to the reliability of their construction. Our tubular power resistors offer local manufacturers many benefits when a high power resistor is required that is of quality construction and available on very short lead time. These benefits include:

  • Manufacturing resistance tolerances as low as 1 percent
  • Adjustable resistance option – by means of an easily operated adjustment band, you can set the required resistance of the power resistor easily and precisely. this makes tailoring the resistance required for your circuit simple and field adjustment is possible with this technology.
  • High humidity reliability of the resistor is ensured via the pyrosil coating applied to the body of the resistor assembly. This coating is also impervious to most solvents adding to long term reliability in hazardous environments like the mining industry for example.
  • Non inductive winding available. Certain circuits require a non inductive resistance. we can generally achieve this by bifilar winding (that is winding the wire back on itself), to cancel out any inductive effects that ‘normal’ wire wound resistors tend to exhibit.
  • Totally customisable solutions. We will work with your engineers to produce a power resistor that meets the electrical, environmental and physical requirements demanded by your application. We can generally manufacture ‘off tool’ samples for in circuit testing and evaluation in a few days (depending on the requirement).