The Australian manufacturing industry has gone through significant changes over the last 25 years and the electronics manufacturing sector is no different. In an increasingly competitive, price driven manufacturing world, the Australian electronics industry has followed many other industries looking to reduce costs, to move part or all of their electronic manufacturing overseas, notably to China.

This trend to Chinese based manufacturing started in the mid 1980’s and China was seen as a way of slashing manufacturing costs for some Australian companies. Whilst this trend continued for the next 20 years or so, recently we have witnessed a move back to ‘local’ , Australian based manufacture of electronics.

Wire Wound Resistor Manufacturing In Australia

Being the largest manufacturer of wire wound resistors in Australia we have closely followed the ups and downs of the industry. It is with interest that we note a good number of companies now looking to commence their production back into Australia, as costs of production start to increase in China. Wages and benefits for Chinese workers have risen substantially over the last 4 to 5 years which has also added to costs associated with manufacture in that country. Manufacturing our range of wire wound resistors and power resistors locally has many benefits to companies in this country looking to manufacture high quality products in a timely manner. We have found that being able to offer a range of resistors that are highly customisable, with a guaranteed quality in a short lead time has made procuring resistors from us a very viable alternative to Chinese sourced product. As the Australian dollar has depreciated against the U.S. dollar from its heights of US$1.00=A$1.08 a few months ago, to the current levels of US$1.00=A$0.89, we have become increasingly competitive against imported resistor products and believe, that coupled with our quality and high levels of customer responsiveness, that we offer local electronics companies and utilities the best value for their resistor needs – be it rheostats, wire wound potentiometers or power resistors. We welcome the pick up in local manufacturing and see this sector of the economy as remaining viable for many years to come, provided local companies embrace high quality manufacturing and world class levels of customer support and service.