Australian Based Resistor Manufacturing Offers Benefits To Local Industry

Having a locally based manufacturer of wire wound resistors and power resistors is hugely beneficial for Australian industry as it allows local designers and manufacturers the following benefits:

  1. Resistor customisation service. Given that the nature of Australian industry is generally ‘niche’ focused, it it often the case Australian Manufactured resistor assemblythat local manufacturers need custom resistor solutions rather than ‘off the shelf’ products. Customisation of resistors can include many areas including resistor values, resistor tolerances, non- standard power ratings, different types of terminations and unique ways of mounting the resistors assembly. Recent examples include custom shaft assembly for the 3 watt wire wound potentiometer that we manufacture.
  2. Fast turn around time for manufacturing client orders. Being locally based means that  meeting short delivery requirements from clients is possible and also means that shipping costs are significantly lower than that of overseas resistor suppliers. Being flexible with order processing means resistor orders can be processed, manufactured and shipped in a matter of days, depending on the customer requirement, order quantity and specification of the customers resistor.
  3. Samples of resistors can be manufactured and dispatched promptly. Many of our clients design their end products in Australia. When looking at suitable resistors for their applications many client will come up with an approximation for a required wire wound or power resistor and then request samples to fully evaluate the suitability of that resistor.This generally includes evaluating the ‘in circuit’ electrical performance of the resistor, the physical mounting parameters of the resistor and the size and construction of the resistor. Typical sample delivery times depend on the type of resistor, but typically come in at around 4 to 5 working days, making evaluation of the resistor by clients easy and efficient.
  4. Short run capability. Many overseas based resistor manufacturers have large minimum order quantities which, given the Resistor manurfacturer in Australianature of Australian manufacturing, may be greater than the quantity required by the customer. Being able to supply small quantities of resistors, if required, is another huge benefit of sourcing resistors from a locally based company.
  5. Value Adding service. Many local manufacturers have requirements for ‘add-ons’ to their resistor requirements. This may include, for example, custom wiring looms soldered onto the resistor assembly, making integrating the assembly into the finished product easy and quick, therefore offering manufacturing cost savings to the client.

Conclusion. Whilst all manufacturers are actively seeking to reduce the costs of their products in an increasingly competitive world, the benefits of using Australian based resistor manufacturing cannot be overstated. There are many benefits that on first examination may seem intangible in utilising local companies to supply power and wire wound resistors, but these benefits, as outlined above can offer large cost savings to the local industry.