The Y series of power resistor is available in 3 power ratings:

1. YA – 500 Watt
2. YH – 750 Watt
3. YM -1000 Watt.


Standard Tolerance 5% 50 ohm and above

Below 50 ohm 10%

For tolerances of 1% and 2% please contact us.

Y series 500-1200W resistors data sheet

                                           Power Ratings:

Full rated load for a Pyrosil ‘’D’’ coated resistor is
based on a temperature rise of 250C from an ambient of 40C. Full rated load for Tropical “C” coated resistor is based on 150C from an ambient of 40C.

High Voltage Operation:

Wire wound resistors may be supplied on special
request for operation at 2 kV or higher, consult our sales office.

Mounting Details:

Rod mounted M8 thread 100mm longer than the ceramic length, Fixed with M8 locknuts.